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Queen Anne’s County, MD

110 Vincit Street, Suite 100, Centreville, MD, 21617, US

Broadband Survey – For Farms or Businesses in Rural Areas

The County is working to gather information to be used for grant applications to provide broadband service to un- and underserved rural areas.  Any information provided will be used to build a case for broadband in the areas identified.  We appreciate any information or feedback you are willing to provide.

Broadband can mean different things to everyone but has recently been defined to be a connection where you get a speed of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload.  Most using a local wireless connection (Verizon and other cellular are global) are not typically getting those speeds. We hope to hear from you!!

What internet service providers are available to you, if any? Please mark all that apply. If “Other” please specify service type (Cable, DSL, Cellular, etc.) and provider name. Check all that apply.

What type of internet service providers would you use if available? Please mark all that apply.

What type of business/farming do you conduct?Please check all that apply.

Do you have a need for distance learning and/or telemedicine connectivity? Check those that apply