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Queen Anne's County

107 N. Liberty St Centreville, MD 21617



QAC Back to Business Pledge

In accordance with state guidance/executive orders at
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Foundational Requirements Checklist: The following guidelines must be followed at a minimum.

  1.  Employee health screenings will take place prior to shift start (and every 8 hours for extended/”double” shifts) using the MDH Form.
  2. Sick workers will be directed to follow CDC guidelines regarding home isolation for suspected/confirmed COVID-19 and return to work. What to do if you are sick
  3.  Employee training will be developed and implemented prior to reopening.
  4. Customer/guest waiting areas will be appropriately distanced; parties of 6 or less (unless members of the same household) should be spaced at least 6 feet apart.
  5. Cleaning/disinfection of all common touch spaces, restrooms, and other surfaces will be FREQUENT/in accordance with CDC guidelines. Reopening Guidance for cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes.
  6.  Expectations for customers/guests regarding waiting areas, seating, social distancing, and other standards will be posted on site. This will include social distancing protocols such as when and if to wear face coverings, group size limits, etc. Sample Poster
  7. Formal plans will be implemented for vendors to bring products safely into the business (and during times with least #s of patrons)
  8. Employees will wear face coverings during ANY/ALL interactions with customers/guests--even if outdoors.
  9. Employees will wear gloves when moving food service items and wash their hands immediately afterward.
  10. Foot traffic in highly-trafficked areas will be designated with sign posts or other markers (i.e., taped arrows on the ground, etc.) One-way traffic and other social distancing tools/best practices are encouraged.
  11. Congregation in common areas will be controlled/prevented -- through constant oversight and through appropriate signage.
  12. Management is responsible for ensuring patrons/guests follow social distancing and facial covering orders.
  13. Existing/approved ADA access, fire life safety egress points, and emergency vehicle access points will be maintained.
  14. A manager/staff member will be appointed during all hours of operation (open to the public) to ensure all requirements above are met.

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