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 Lifetime Animal Registration

All dogs, cats, and ferrets (4 months and older) require registration in Queen Anne’s County. 

General Registration Information

  •  good for the life of the animal
  • not eligible to transfer to another Pet
  • The cost is $11.00

Animal registration Is not available to persons with an Animal Cruelty criminal charge until 3 years after the violation.

Micro Chips

May be obtained from your local veterinarian or at the Queen Anne’s County Animal Services. If you would like to submit a waiver to not have your pet micro-chipped please send it to Animal Control Commission with a letter from your Veterinarian.

Animal Control Commission
210 White Pine Lane
Stevensville, MD 21666





Physical Address

    Required Documents

    Please upload the following documents

    • Rabies Certificate
    • Micro Chip Certificate
    • Photograph

    This application will not be accepted until we receive payment of $11.00.


    Our mailing address is 201 Clay Dr, Queenstown, MD 216528

    Please upload the required documents.

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