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1945 4H Park Road, Centreville, Maryland 21617


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Artisans - Businesses - Non-Profits - Education/Demonstrations - Independent Consultants -Community Organizations


Queen Anne's County has many different opportuniies for vendors to get noticed by locals and QAC visitors! Check out for current offerings, and know we are always planning the next big event! Call 410-758-0835 for inquiries on future programs.  

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Describe Booth Activities

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Important Information 

Booth fees will vary according to event.

Vendor is to supply their own canopy. Canopy is to be secured by water or sand bags. 

We expect vendor to decorate their booth according to event theme, and engage with the public! Balloons are never permitted.  

Treat everyone warmly and with respect.

All products are to be family and people friendly.

Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying the required taxes. 

We encourage vendor to repurpose and reuse their bags and packaging material. 

Prepare for uneven ground and wet conditions in the parks.  

Early tear-downs are not permitted.

Do not leave trash behind. 

Vendors are encouraged to advertise the event by sharing it with customers and friends.